Essay of a Report in Ancient Civilizations

Marcus Fant

HUM250 Humanities

KGA 1 Field Trip Report

In this report I plan to take you through the historic times using a journey with art. We will start in the Mesopotamia where you could see the Cuneiform writing that has been the initially form of noted writing. That were there a opinion in Polytheism which I the idea in many Gods. It was their belief the Gods electricity flows through the king. The next thing would be to see a Ancient Egyptian. They created a style of writing known as Hieroglyphics which is one of the initial forms of publishing. They also believed in polytheism and sacrifices during the time of burial. That they buried their particular dead california king are called Pharaohs in tombs called Pyramids. The Pharaohs are considered to have a sacred kingship. When we get to Ancient Portugal (classical) that is called the Bronze Era (2500 – 1150 M. C. ) their religious belief reaches the height of Polytheism this provides the belief in many Gods. The ruler in this time frame was King Minos who was the King of Minos, they earn they make their home of the Isle of Crete. The artisans were incredibly skillful in frescos and figurines and vases. Minoans worshiped independence and equality of women. The Mycenaean's live in the city of Mycenae c 1600 – 1150. The culture was obviously a warriors and pirate culture. Like the Egyptians they believed in life following death. An additional part of their very own history could be the Trojan war. Our next thing will be the Dark Ages (1150 – nine hundred b., c. ) Early Greeks (8th Century n. c. ) The Minoans and Mycenaean's was the foundation of their world. The a new belief in Polytheism and had anthropomorphic belief that the Traditional Gods were shaped like humans. They did do sacrifies but just animals. Theology the making of gods is a synthesis of Ancient greek Belief also Philosophy was also developed here as well. Then all of us move to Old Rome (735b. c. ) where the Etruscans we anatomist arches, in addition they believed in polytheism. Julius Caesar the initial dictator Octavian Agustus. Ancient greek language puls Hellenism and practicality were all parts of Roman culture. That they started open public altars and satues of emperor as well during that period the coliseum was being constructed. The next component to our fb timeline will bring Monotheism (the opinion in one God) and then we see a new eye-sight of how to think about the way happen to be is done.

War, Nimrud

Ashurnasirpal II and a Winged Deity, 883-859 BC

Comfort; Sculpture; Natural stone, Gypseous rock crystal, 90 3/4 x 83 in. (230. 5 back button 210. almost eight cm. ) Purchased with funds provided by Anna Ask Arnold (66. 4. 3)

Art in the Middle East: Ancient Department.

Currently about public watch: Hammer Building Room 308

Assyria, Nimrud

Deity Executing Ritual Filter, circa 870 B. C.

Relief; Figurine; Stone, Gypseous alabaster, 80 3/4 x 83 in. (230. 51 x 210. 82 cm) Purchased with funds furnished by Anna Msn Arnold (66. 4. 5)

Art with the Middle East: Ancient Division.

Currently upon public view: Hammer Building Room 308

These significant carved stone panels will be from the luxurious Assyrian palace of King Ashurnasirpal 2, at Nimrud, in what is actually Northern Iraq. The images and writing you observe served since powerful personal propaganda, supposed to inspire awe and dread. The California king himself is in the center panel, wearing a hat, with a pan atop his fingertips. Simply by picturing him self among these kinds of semi-divine creatures, he claims that the gods themselves include anointed him to guideline on earth. The cuneiform composing across the middle of each -panel spells the actual same strong inscription. That reads, simply: [I am] Ashurnasirpal, the obedient prince, the worshiper of the Superb Gods, the fierce dragon, the conqueror of all urban centers and mountain range to their total extent, the king of rulers, who have tames the dangerous foes, the [one] crowned with glory, the [one] unafraid of struggle, the persistent lion, whom shakes resistance, the california king [deserving] of praise, the shepherd, safeguard of the world, the king whose command blots out mountains and seas, who pressured into conformity the persistent, fierce nobleman from the east to the western at his very way....