a post-racial America Article

Post-racial, a term that was born after Barack Obama's electoral success in 2009 is definitely defined

by the urban dictionary as an utterly imaginary and fictional term, much like " pixie-dust” because

no such thing is available. In other words, despite the powerful meaning of Obama's election, black and

Americans are still surviving in two different worlds. Post-racial is just among the list of other terms that only

distorts the topic of competition and gives folks who wish to impact the discussion an area to park

their particular ideas. America is not as yet a nation free of ethnicity discrimination neither is it a nation where race not anymore

matters, and because race and racism are still serious factors in determining what happens and whom gets

ahead from this nation, you cannot find any such place that fits the description of the " post-racial” America.

One of the most common examples of just how racism continues to be in the American society today is

the penitentiary system, research have shown that people of color make up regarding 60% with the prison's population.

Also, blacks that engage in federal crimes in most cases receive sentences that are ten percent longer

than that of their white-colored counterparts. Racism also encounters African-Americans who also are looking for

employment, according to the Huffington post in 03 this year, just 6. 8% of white workers continued to be

out of work while 13. 8% of black employees and 9. 6% of Hispanic staff were unable to find jobs. In

addition, multiple research have identified that racism against African-Americans is more extreme for those who

have deeper shades of skin than when you have a lighter weight shade of skin. A Bucknell College or university study

found that African-Americans with light skin are more likely to protected a job than those with dark skin,

albeit both are less likely to get the job when compared to a white American. In a conversation, President Barack Obama laid...