A Comparison of Landlines and Cell Phones Essay

Chrissy Strawn

Doctor Nester

Eng. 1010

09. 05. 2009

A Comparison of Land Line Phones vs . Mobile phones

What would guy do without the telephone? The telephone has made the world a much small place for all. Not only that, it is now ubiquitous in the world. The telephone has developed as well. We now have phones we could carry with us where ever and whenever we select. But what from the necessities of telephone work with can we live with in this world of ever changing technology? Let's discuss the history with the telephone. Inside the 1870's, two inventors Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell equally independently designed devices that could transmit talk electrically (the telephone). Equally men raced to the patent office within hours of each other. Obviously Alexander Bell got right now there first. Before the telephone was the telegraph solutions. The telegraph preceded the phone by 30 years, but it was limited in its ability to pass information. The dot-dash telegraph could only process a single message at any given time in a mind-numbing manner. Since its existence your home telephone has become incredible to the point where you are able to dial by simply voice and in many cases send pictures. But the cell phone circumvented the proliferation of the people services. The main thing land lines have choosing them is a way electricity runs them; direct current from batteries. Which means that when the electricity fails to get devices like cell phones and other devices apply ac-current the land line telephone will still work separately. And those battery packs will last considerably longer than the cellular phones. Most home telephones will continue to work without electrical power from alternating electric current (AC). Cord-less phones happen to be one of the few types' of phones that will not work when the electricity goes out. The Bell Program laid the backbone of what is right now the Internet. We started with copper while our method of transporting the signals which have been created once we talk for the telephone. While we still use water piping to the door...