An Evaluation of the Need for Efficacy and Resiliency in Leadership

An Research of the Need for Efficacy and Resiliency in Leadership

In the textbook Exploring Leadership, by authors Susan R. Komives, Nance Lucas and Timothy R. McMahon, and the textbook Salsa, Soul, and Spirit, by Juana Bordas, the authors identify the functions of efficacy and resiliency in leadership. The need for efficacy and resiliency in leadership is seen through leadership theories, appliance in student tasks and presentations, and collaboration and connection in modern-day leadership. Komives, Lucas, and McMahon outline multiple leadership theories within their book expressing the manifestation and association of efficacy and resiliency in various types of leaders. Moreover, college student presenters at the city Engaged Scholars Symposium, placed at the University of Northern Colorado, show their personal encounters how they display leadership within their daily lives, and display interviewers how they made efficacy and resilience within their research projects. In addition, a head should have got the constructs of efficacy and resiliency to determine teamwork and partnership in a organization therefore the group, and people in the group, will expand, succeed, and thrive locally. Leadership premises, student application, and joint work in modern-day leadership pinpoint the functions efficacy and resiliency take up in leadership.

To explain how efficacy and resiliency manifest in several types of leaders, Komives, Lucas, and McMahon profile various leadership theories within their textbook. The authors describe the theories of situational contingency and real leadership to provide readers insight how effectiveness and resilience come in individual leaders. The primary theory the authors of Exploring Leadership mention includes the


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