A Description of Modern day Skyscrapers in Architectural Design and style and Engineering

A Description of Modern day Skyscrapers in Architectural Design and style and Engineering


The architectural design of the 20th century skyscrapers has got been redefined because of the advancement of our modern tools. Benny Louie Humanity 450 Dr. Maureen Schmid 17 May possibly 1999 The architectural design and style of the 20th century skyscrapers possesses been redefined as a result of advancement of our modern technology. Inside our society, the architectural design of skyscrapers is certainly changing the downtown scenery of metropolitan areas. As a result of change of technology, it has improved the architectural design of skyscraper considerably regarding the its function, design structures, cooling and heating systems and it public status in society. The essential function of the architecture is usually to provide a roof over peoples mind. The main reason for architecture is to do something as a shelter for individuals to safeguard themselves against OUR MOTHER EARTH. As civilization development developments, we increased our understanding and became more creative. Persons learn to design buildings for method of displaying wealth and sociable status. The skyscraper meets the criteria showing the social position of such construction with great height and elegance to the world. Relating to OGorman, architecture is normally a form language, of interaction. (P.89) This interaction is represented in the kinds of texture, form and design that reflects certain period of time. In the first period, architectures were connected with style and traditions. The Greeks made marble temples with Doric, Ionic or Corinthian columns. Egyptian architecture employed heavy lotus columns, significant battered walls and pyramidal varieties. The Gothic style used point arch, great regions of stained glasses, pointed rib-vault development. (P. 92) Each experienced its unique characteristic characteristic to express its concept. In the 20th century architectural design, architecture is no more viewed as simple



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