A Breakdown Evaluation of the Outsiders by S. E. Hinton

A Breakdown Examination of the Outsiders by S. E. Hinton

I. Setting: The Outsider is located in Algeria in North Africa; we are able to see this on the first site with the mention of Marengo and Algiers both which are locations in Algeria. (P. 9) There are two primary ethnic groups in Algeria; Arabs and "pied noirs". A pied noir is usually a Frenchman who was simply born and elevated in Algeria. Arabs and the French had many conflicts about Algerian independence. France ruled Algeria for over a hundred years and caused severed thoughts of resentment by the indigenous Algerians, the Arabs. This puts Raymond's conflict with the Arabs into an improved perspective as we are able to see that type of thing could/would happen.

The first setting we are created to is normally that of Mr. Meursault's deceased mother's old people's home just beyond Morengo. The good old people's home appears to be a tiny home in the united states, merely over a mile from Morengo essentially. (P. 10) There seem to be to become a few buildings among which houses the old individuals and at least yet another that serves as a little mortuary. The tiny mortuary had a cup roof and had bright white walls, which reflected the shiny lighting. (P. 13 and P. 14) From the old people's residence you could find "hills which split Marengo from the ocean" (P. 17). The environment around the good old folk's home is quite sizzling. (P. 21) My guess is that Meursault's mom passed away during the center of summer. Without other alternatives it appears Meursault had made the very best of the problem by sending his mom to such a beautiful home.




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